February 7, 2013

An Overview of Limited Partner Advisory Committees and Private Equity Fund Advisory Boards
by Matthew T. Harris

During the private equity fund formation process, private equity professionals routinely ask questions regarding the role and composition of a limited partner advisory committee (the “LPAC”) and a private equity fund advisory board (the “Advisory Board”). Although private equity funds are not required to have either an LPAC or an Advisory Board, each serves an important function as highlighted in this alert. Please click here to read.

Bad Boy Disqualifiers Are Coming Soon: Time to Upgrade Diligence Procedures Now
by Lorelei D. Cisne and Matthew T. Harris

Over two years ago, the Dodd-Frank Act instructed the SEC to impose “bad boy disqualification” on Rule 506 private placements. Proposed rules were published, but we are still waiting for the final rules, which were due over a year ago. Despite the long wait, the SEC has placed the final rules on its 2013 rulemaking agenda. Please click here to read this alert.

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